Art in Action: Hope Outdoor Gallery Austin, TX

A few weekends ago I took a quick trip to Austin, TX. Austin, is one of my favorite cities. I love its creativity and spirit of independence. Austin is a huge contrast to Dallas. Dallas has the tendency to feel very pretentious. However, Austin feels more organic and natural to me. Whenever I'm in Austin I feel so comfortable as it has the vibe of an east coast city. As a creative, I always leave Austin feeling inspired.

 I had the opportunity to visit the Hope Outdoor Gallery also known as Graffiti Park. This gallery is a community outdoor paint park. You can obtain a paint pass and create your very own graffiti art. This park proves to be a mecca for my fellow creatives.  I saw numerous artists, musicians, and bloggers like myself posing for photos in front of the awesome artistic pieces. I absolutely loved the different pieces and their messages. 

If you plan to visit Austin, definitely put the Hope Outdoor Gallery on your list. Admission is free and it's a great place to get inspired. For more information check out the link here.