An Amazing yet Relaxing Hill Country Stay at Sonesta Bee Cave Austin

An Amazing yet Relaxing Hill Country Stay at Sonesta Bee Cave Austin

I love visiting Austin, Texas. There's so much to see and do between the incredible culinary, nature, and music scene. There are plenty of hotels to choose in the Downtown corridor. During my recent visit, I wanted to have a tranquil, yet fun stay that wasn't too far from the action in Austin. 

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Art in Action: Hope Outdoor Gallery Austin, TX

A few weekends ago I took a quick trip to Austin, TX. Austin, is one of my favorite cities. I love its creativity and spirit of independence. Austin is a huge contrast to Dallas. Dallas has the tendency to feel very pretentious. However, Austin feels more organic and natural to me. Whenever I'm in Austin I feel so comfortable as it has the vibe of an east coast city. As a creative, I always leave Austin feeling inspired.

 I had the opportunity to visit the Hope Outdoor Gallery also known as Graffiti Park. This gallery is a community outdoor paint park. You can obtain a paint pass and create your very own graffiti art. This park proves to be a mecca for my fellow creatives.  I saw numerous artists, musicians, and bloggers like myself posing for photos in front of the awesome artistic pieces. I absolutely loved the different pieces and their messages. 

If you plan to visit Austin, definitely put the Hope Outdoor Gallery on your list. Admission is free and it's a great place to get inspired. For more information check out the link here.