I'm in A TV Commercial! Behind the Scenes of the Bearpaw Fall/Winter 2018 TV Campaign.

I can't believe that we're more than half way through the year. 2018 has been a year filled with tons of amazing surprises. One of those was having the opportunity to star in a TV commercial for the 2018 Fall/Winter Bearpaw campaign!

If you've scrolled through my Instagram account than you probably know that I love rocking my Bearpaws.

Earlier this year, I was selected as a 2018 Bearpaw Ambassador. Its been so much fun representing the brand and introducing my followers to all of their incredible shoes. Y'all know I'm all about living comfortably and I'm a huge fan of the brand's mantra and tons of cute and comfy shoes. I'm already dying to break out some of my boots this Fall. 

Filming the Girlboss scene! (Photo credit  @BearpawStyle  and  @Scott_Mont )

Filming the Girlboss scene! (Photo credit @BearpawStyle and @Scott_Mont)

Back in March, I flew to Raleigh, NC to shoot the Fall/Winter 2018 commercial. I was super nervous the day of my flight. Although I'm use to taking pictures for my blog, I was really nervous about filming. I'd never done anything of this magnitude and I had this huge fear that I'd make the director unhappy and mess everything up. As soon as I landed, I met up with my fellow Bearpaw ambassador and blogging buddy Candy from Travel Pockets. We shared an Uber and rode over to our hotel for the shoot. If you’re ever in Durham, I highly recommend staying at the Durham Hotel. It’s really cute!

Dining with some my fellow Ambassadors and the incredible Bearpaw crew!

Dining with some my fellow Ambassadors and the incredible Bearpaw crew!

Later that night, we met up with some of the Bearpaw crew and headed out to dinner. Everyone was so sweet and friendly. I even got to meet my fellow ambassador Lauren, (go follow her) who’s also featured in the campaign. It was so much fun finally being able to meet everyone in person after countless emails. I decided to head to bed after dinner since I had an early call time.

One of my biggest fears happened on the morning of shoot day. Make that two of my biggest fears. I didn't hear my alarm go off and I woke up with a huge zit! I scrambled to get myself together and rushed to make my call time. Once I arrived, it was time to start hair, makeup, and wardrobe. I felt comfortable in each look that I tried on and I really loved the boho aesthetic which fits my personality.

I love these boots! Photo Credit  @BearpawStyle  and  @Scott_Mont

I love these boots! Photo Credit @BearpawStyle and @Scott_Mont

After hair and makeup we headed to our first shooting location. Once we got to the location, there were touch ups to my hair and makeup, an outfit change, and then it was time to film. I vividly remember taking direction from the director and the magnitude of the moment set in.

Talking on the phone to my bestie Tiff while filming. (Photo credit  @BearpawStyle  and  @Scott_Mont )

Talking on the phone to my bestie Tiff while filming. (Photo credit @BearpawStyle and @Scott_Mont)

To make things look more natural, the director recommended that I call and chat with a friend while filming. I was so glad my bestie Tiff answered the phone. She calmed my nerves so much and the scene turned out great!

Filming on a pedestrian bridge Photo Credit  @BearpawStyle  and  @Scott_Mont

Filming on a pedestrian bridge Photo Credit @BearpawStyle and @Scott_Mont

It was awesome being able to see all the components and work it takes to shoot a commercial. I had no idea the amount of detail that goes into every take and making sure that the product and movement of the model is perfect. With every take I tried my best to listen to the director and crew to ensure we got the best shot. I was so scared that I was going to spill my coffee when we were filming the scene below! 


The rest of the shoot was a whirlwind. Shooting with Bearpaw was so much fun, exciting, and a total adrenaline rush. One of my favorite scenes was shooting this restaurant scene with my commercial bestie Shiara. I was totally in my element taking food photos! Plus these boots with the fur are so, so, cute! 

I shot at a total of 3 locations and at the end of day I even did a voiceover! After finishing the voiceover, it was time for me to speed off to the airport to catch my flight home. I was so worried that I wouldn't make my flight that I jogged through the airport in my Bearpaws!

Photo Credit  @BearpawStyle  and  @Scott_Mont

Photo Credit @BearpawStyle and @Scott_Mont

Thankfully, I made my flight and as soon as I sat down and buckled in I started crying. The guy sitting next to me looked over at me like I was crazy, but I couldn't fight back tears. Once again reality sat in that I had just shot a national TV commercial. I felt so relieved that everything worked out great and even more thankful for such an incredible day and opportunity. There's no better feeling than seeing your dreams come true and hard work pay off.

(Photo credit  @BearpawStyle  and  @Scott_Mont )

(Photo credit @BearpawStyle and @Scott_Mont)

I am so grateful to the Bearpaw team for this wonderful opportunity and experience. Shooting this commercial was seriously was one of the coolest experiences of my entire life and I’m so proud to be apart of the Bearpaw fam!