Everything You Need To Know About Using Car2Go

***Disclosure*** This post was created in collaboration with Car2Go. All opinions expressed are my own.


Can I let y’all in on a little secret? I hate renting cars. Between paying for gas, insurance, and fees it can get expensive quickly. Unfortunately, I can’t always rely on public transportation when I’m traveling, so renting a car is necessary at times. During my recent trip to New York I had the pleasure of driving a gorgeous Mercedes Benz CLA250 from Car2Go. This car is so fly!


Car2Go is a GAME-CHANGER when it comes to carsharing. My husband and I needed a car for a day and this service made it so easy. Simply download the Car2Go app and request the car you want. You can also reserve it up to 30 minutes before you need it. There are various Mercedes Benz models and Smart Cars to choose from. The price of the rental depends on the car and the amount of hours/days you need.


There are live maps available in the app so you’ll know exactly where to go to pick up your car. Cars are located on the street and in designated lots around the city. Once you’ve located the car simply scan the windshield sticker to reserve the vehicle. Keys are found in the glove compartment.

Once you’re done with the car, you simply park the car in any approved legal spot and there’s no need to refuel. Plus, gas, parking, and insurance are already included in the rental price!

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Membership is required, ($5) but once you become a member, you’re a member for life which means that I can rent this awesome Benz the next time I need a car for a few hours or day trip.

You can find Car2Go in the following US cities:

  • Austin

  • Chicago

  • Denver

  • New York City

  • Portland

  • Seattle

  • Washington

I’ll definitely use Car2Go the next time I need a car in one of the cities listed above. Have you tried Car2Go?