Fall Back into Fitness With Curves®


***Disclosure*** This blog post is sponsored by Curves®. All opinions are my own. #Sponsored

I'll be honest, I missed the memo for getting Summertime fine. Between moving into a new home and an event-filled Summer, working out wasn't at the top of my priority list. Thankfully, things have calmed down and I can start focusing on fitness.

Happy 25th Curves!

Happy 25th Curves!

Last week, I was invited to an Influencer event at Curves®. I'm familiar with them and my mom has always been crazy about their approach to fitness. Last week, they celebrated their 25th anniversary. Congrats Curves®! My mom was pretty stoked when she heard I was going to an event there. I'm going to be honest, based on my mom's experience I assumed that they were a gym for "older women." When I walked in and saw an older clientele, my first impression was that the workout would be a piece of a cake. 

All About the Workout


I was very surprised by the setup of the facility. There were a variety of machines placed in a circle. The machines looked similar to what you'd see at a regular gym except they focus on hydraulic strength training. These machines are designed to work every muscle group for a total body workout in just 30 minutes. 

Before we started our workout, the coaches gave a brief explanation of each machine and proper positioning. The 30 minute circuit is similar to a fitness version of musical chairs. You workout on each machine for 30 seconds, and do 30 seconds of cardio before going to the next machine. Music plays in the background, and tells you when it's time to move to the next exercise. 

Squat Shasha...Squat! 

Squat Shasha...Squat! 

My workout started on the squat machine. I was a little intimidated but the Curves® Coaches were so helpful and encouraging. Before heading to the next machine, I was on the mat doing lunges. It didn't take long for me to start to feel the burn. 


Within the first ten minutes of the workout, I instantly knew that I was wrong about my assumptions. The workout was intense! There were back machines, squat and glute machines, and so much more. I did everything from jumping jacks, lunges, donkey kicks, etc when doing my intervals of cardio. At the end of the workout, there was time to stretch to ensure that your muscles get the proper attention. The stretching exercises felt so good! 

The Stretch Station

The Stretch Station

Who is Curves® For? 

If you're a busy woman on-the-go then Curves® is for you. I really loved how the workout only took 30 minutes and I was able to do cardio and strength training at the same time. I normally end up doing at least 30 minutes of cardio when I go to the gym before I even start strength training. It was great to be able to knock out "two birds with one stone."

Personal Attention


Although there were other Influencers next to me on other machines and mats, the experience with the coaches was very personal. If you love having personal attention and support then Curves® is for you. Each month, your coach will provide you with a coaching session. You can use this time to discuss challenges, while also having your measurements taken, and discuss achievable goals and anticipated results. Participating Curves even feature CurveSmart, a start-of-the-art digital coaching system that helps members on track by providing motivation, instant feedback, customized instant feedback, and progress reports. 

Curves Specialty Classes

If you prefer classes, some Curves locations feature Speciality Classes designed for women of all ages. These classes range from cardio, boxing, balance, and body basics. 

Final Thoughts


I think that Curves is great or the woman on-the-go. The personal coaching and assistance is great and the 30 minute workout flies by. I received a free 30-day membership and I'm really excited to go back. Curves doesn't just focus on giving you a good workout, but wants to empower you to maintain a healthy-lifestyle. 

Have you ever worked out at Curves®? Would you give them a try? Click here to learn more about Curves and how you can get fine for Fall. 


***Disclosure*** This post is sponsored by Curves but all opinions are my own.