What's Up With Shasha: Fall 2017

If we magnified blessings as much as we magnify disappointments, we would all be much happier.
— John Wooden

I've had many successes in my personal and professional life this year, but I never really took time to sit back and dwell on them. That probably sounds crazy right? Sometimes I feel like y'all see me on Instagram or on the blog and think that I have it all together, but I really don't. Although I can be the biggest cheerleader for other people, I'm a natural born pessimist when I look at myself. I tend to overwhelm myself with ambition and I spend way too much time thinking about what I should improve on or what I'm not doing right. 


A few days ago I purchased a gratitude journal. Everyday, I take a moment to write down my feelings and everything that I'm grateful for, even the small things. I told my boss about this project and she's extremely supportive of me taking time to read or write in my journal during the workday. 

I'm already noticing a difference in my overall attitude and thought process. I've never had a problem giving commendation to other people, but I'm my own worst critic. When I finally took some time down to look at my accomplishments, I realized that I've conquered 90% of my 2017 list. Last week, I was speaking with another creative and she mentioned that a lot of times we don't see our successes until we come out of the trenches. I've been floating around in a very reflective space, and you'll probably feel that vibe in some of my blog posts. I love how good it feels to be so self-aware. 

One of the things that I'm most grateful for is the outpouring of support I've received from so many of you. In 2018, I want to develop more content that you can relate to while sharing some of your stories. I can't thank you enough for your continued support.

I've received many emails and DM's about Comp Camp and what the 2018 dates are. Let me assure you that Ginger and I have a few events planned and we'll be sharing the details with you very soon. You can expect a lot more workshops and happy hours.  I can't believe Comp Camp Houston is only four days away, and it feels unreal that this event is actually happening! If you're not in Dallas but have a squad of bloggers in your city that would like a workshop let me know. 

Some of you have also asked about my house and when I plan on doing a home tour. I'll be honest, my house is still a work in progress and I haven't finished half of the decor plans that I planned on having done by December. However, I promise that I will publish a mini-home tour before January rolls around. We put some chocolate mulch down in our front yard and I'm ecstatic about it. See I told y'all that I'm grateful for the small things. 


In the meantime, y'all know where to find me before my next update.