Two Weddings in Two Days! You're Invited!

It's wedding week!

My beloved sister in-law Tanya is getting married this weekend and is not only having a traditional American wedding but also a Nigerian Wedding! Planning one wedding is hard but can you imagine planning two? I'll go ahead and give her the Bride of the Year Award. Tanya is embarking on a new chapter in her life with her fiancee' Kelvin who is from Nigeria. This wedding is not only celebrating their deep love but the union of two unique cultures. Yours truly, is serving  as one of the bridesmaids which means that I get to wear a custom Nigerian bridesmaid dress that was handcrafted in Nigeria. How cool is that? Some serious Nigerian-Style slayage is going down next Saturday and I cannot wait to serve it!  I almost feel like instead of traveling to Nigeria, Nigeria is coming to me!  I cannot wait to learn about this new culture. 

The Bride & Groom

The Bride & Groom

I am so excited to eat Nigerian cuisine see friends and family, and you guessed it... Get my party on! (Yes, I will be requesting Beyonce 7-11). Now, don't get too sad if you didn't receive an official wedding invitation from my dear sister-in-law.  Postage is high, and planning a wedding is stressful. However,  you have been cordially invited to attend  both weddings because I will be posting photos and details on the blog! 

I love you all too much to not bring you in on the fun. You can thank me later for the invitation. In addition, I will be spending some time in Washington, DC  and my hometown of Richmond, VA. I'm looking forward to doing some shopping, eating at my favorite restaurants, sightseeing and sharing the experience with all of you.