New Kid on the Block: Piada Italian Street Food

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the Pre-Grand Opening for Piada Italian Street Food’s new Frisco location. This invite entitled me to one free entree, side, and beverage of my choice. I decided to bring along my friend Tink so I could get a second opinion on some of the menu items. Piada offers an array of items ranging from Pasta Bowls, Piadas, and Chopped Salads. My husband will tell you that I am a pastaholic so I was ecstatic to go check Piada out.

When entering the restaurant I was very impressed by the decor and overall feel of the space. While waiting in line we were greeted by Piada team members who handed us menus and explained the menu offerings.

During my wait, I had the opportunity to speak with Kevin Nagle, Area Partner of the Frisco location. Kevin explained that the restaurant receives flown in fish twice per week, and that some of the menu items include salad dressings are made fresh in house daily. Piada considers itself to be an “elevated fast casual restaurant” and they are currently in the process of obtaining their liquor license. Guests are encouraged to BYOB during this time. I will definitely bring my Moscato with me on my next visit as Piada provides the perfect backdrop for me to enjoy it.


Wait Time & Ordering

The ordering and payment process took less than 5 minutes. I really enjoyed seeing my pasta bowl being made fresh right in front of my eyes. The Piada assembly line operated like a well-oiled machine and the staff is well trained. All the team members I encountered took pride in not only making the bowl look pretty, but were very friendly. The ordering process was very similar to how you’d order at Chipotle however this was definitely 5 steps above the service and experience I’ve received there.



I wasn’t feeling adventurous enough to create my own bowl so I decided to order the Carbonara pasta with a side of Cannoli Chips. Tink went ahead and chose the Chicken Basil Pesto with a side of Piada Sticks. When it was time for me to dive into my bowl I immediately noticed the delightful smell of Parmesan coming from my Alfredo sauce. Before you keep reading this review you need to be warned that our bowls were HUGE! Tink and I both had PLENTY of leftovers to take home. Piada also has lids available for you to package up your leftovers located at the soda station. 

The angel hair pasta was cooked perfectly and the grilled chicken was well seasoned. Tink loved the Chicken Basil Pesto and said that the sauce was delicious. Neither she nor I needed any salt or pepper on our dishes. Our only gripe was the amount of sauce, however we’re both sauce monsters by nature so we really can’t blame Piada. However, on my next visit I'll ask for extra sauce. 

Piada Sticks


The best way to describe the Piada Stick was that it tasted like a crispy, flat, pizza roll up. It was pretty tasty and came with a fresh ranch dipping sauce that we both enjoyed.

Cannoli Chips


The Cannoli Chips at Piada deserve a moment of silence... Going forward there is no way that I can eat at Piada without ordering them.  My side came with 5 sticks and 2 cups of icing that Tink and I shared. I have never been a huge dessert person, but the cannoli sticks and icing made a believer. The icing was so good that I literally started eating it by itself. I loved that the icing wasn't already inside of the Cannoli and that I could control how much icing I wanted to add.

Peach Tea


Now you might be wondering, Why is Shasha writing about Piada’s beverages? Piada has a very nice soda and tea station but the Peach Tea really deserves a shout out. Shout out to the Peach Tea at Piada! It was light, had the perfect amount of sugar, and was simply delightful. Tink and I both made sure that we got refills. I think she actually closed her eyes after she took the first sip. Don't tell her I told you that! 

Overall Thoughts

Piada is a solid pick in my book if you are trying to get a quick Italian fix. My meal was free, however my entree, side, and beverage would’ve set me back $14.58. However, I literally got 2.5 servings out of my one bowl so I can’t complain about the price. If price is an issue why not bring a friend and share? Piada is a new kid on the block that you should definitely welcome to the neighborhood.