Food Void: Yen Ching Chinese Restaurant

Last week, I took an unexpected trip to my hometown of Richmond, VA. Since this trip was short, I didn't have time to visit all of my favorite restaurants. However, I did get the chance to visit my favorite Chinese spot. Ever since I moved to Dallas, I've been unable to find a Chinese food restaurant that's similar to what I'm use to back East. My Dallas Chinese food void has been real.

Many of my friends who are Dallas Transplants have also commented that the Chinese cuisine in Dallas is also different from what they're used too. So maybe it isn't just me. I've tried countless restaurants with no success. If you have any great Chines restaurant recommendations feel free to chime in.  I'd love to try them. I'm confident that there's a DFW chinese restaurant that serves food in appearance similar to my photos below. I'll never forget when I tried one restaurant that put white sauce on my chicken and broccoli! I had no idea that brown sauce wasn't the norm! 

I love how Yen Ching's Chicken & Broccoli is so flavorful. It always has the perfect amount of brown sauce and the chicken is always nice and tender. 

I love Fried Rice that's fried to a nice brown. I've noticed that in Dallas my Fried Rice is always a little on the lighter side. Maybe, I'll start asking if they can fry it a little darker. Yen Ching's Pork Fried rice, is the type of rice that I have dreams about! It's flavorful, plentiful on meat, and I love how it's filled with egg. It's not overwhelmed with veggies, which is how I prefer it! 

Yen Ching's Kung Pao Chicken is excellent. it's not too spicy and you can have them adjust the spice level accordingly. I've been dining at Yen Ching for years at it's two locations. I've never had any problems with food quality or consistency during any of my visits. 

I love how Yen Ching serves it's diner's complimentary fresh orange slices after dinner. Oranges are known to aid with digestion. I love how refreshing, sweet, and light they are.

What's your favorite Chinese restaurant? Drop a line in the comments and let me know! Wanna know more about Yen Ching? Check them out here.