Cruising on the Carnival Breeze

I am so happy to report that I can check the Carnival Breeze off of my vacation bucket list! Do you have a vacation bucket list? If not, I strongly encourage you to make one as you’ll feel so great after you have accomplished your vacation goals. Last year, I cruised on the Carnival Fantasy but it wasn’t my ship of choice. I had wanted to cruise on the Breeze, but since my trip last year was a family trip, proximity to the port was a huge factor. Most of my family is in Virginia, and my husband and I are in Texas. So, it made the most sense for our group to leave out of Charleston on the Carnival Fantasy so they could drive to the port.  I had been dying to cruise on the Breeze for quite some time so when the opportunity presented itself I had to jump on it. As a result, my hubby and I spent 6 glorious days on the Carnival Breeze cruising to Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel!

We invited along our good friends Tyson and Tiffany (aka Teyonce whom you’ll hear more about) along with their parents to make the cruise a little more fun. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem cruising as a couple, but I think cruising as a group is so much more fun!  Since there are so many components to this trip, I’m going to take time to give you guys the highlights in the next few blog posts. I am already experiencing withdrawals from the ship, and I would cruise on the Breeze again in a heartbeat.

I made some awesome towel animal friends that I’d like to see again, and just the thought of all the good food I ate while onboard makes me want to shed a tear. Lawd, I wish I had one of those burgers from Guy’s Burger Joint right about now.  The service, food, and amenities ranging from the waterslides to the sky course were amazing. I normally like to plan two vacations per year, but the Carnival Breeze has me currently scheming on how I can squeeze in another cruise. My husband will probably shake his head when he reads this. He is going to scold me when I tell him I want to do 2 cruises next year. Y’all better pray for me and how this conversation is going to go lol.

I can’t even begin to describe just how much I enjoyed the ports of calls that I visited as well. Would you believe me if I told you that I jumped off a 50 ft. cliff in Jamaica? Or that I survived a hurricane in Grand Cayman? I know it sounds far-fetched, but I am not kidding! Keep an eye on the next few posts for details. Until then, here’s some pictures of me “getting breezy” to hold you over.