Visiting Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman

On Day 2 of my Carnival Breeze cruise I had the privilege of visiting Grand Cayman. I had heard so many great things about Seven Mile Beach and this was my opportunity to visit one of the best beaches in the world! YAY!  Ships are unable to dock at Grand Cayman so we had to be tendered. We got off the ship super fast and I'd like to thank the nice people at Carnival for having such an efficient tendering process! 

Cruise Ship Parking Lot

Cruise Ship Parking Lot

Unfortunately, when we got off the ship the sky looked questionable. I tried to reassure myself that this was the Caribbean and it would pass over. I had no idea what was in store for me a few hours later. My group grabbed a taxi from the port and headed over to Royal Palms Beach Club. The taxi ride was $4 per person from the port area.  I had found out about Royal Palms through my trusty friend TripAdvisor and had decided that this was going to be my take selfies and chill day. 

Royal Palms Beach Club

On arrival, I was impressed with the property at Royal Palms and it looked just how it did in pictures. The ocean water was picturesque and the facilities were very clean. The one thing that I hated about Royal Palms was that I could not connect to Wi-Fi. No one in my group could, and neither could some other guests at the property. During this entire vacation I felt like I was Drake, because I had to constantly ask, “What’s the code to the wiiiiiifiiiiiii??” At every hotel, beach club, etc. this question got asked. By the end of the week I broke down and purchased 24 hours of Carnival’s Wi-Fi. 

Since, I was unable to connect to the Wi-Fi any attempts to post selfies and make my coworkers jealous were squandered. I opted to just lay around on the beach chairs, and frolic around in the water. But, it was kind of chilly due to the cloud cover.  After about 2 hours at being at Royal Palms the clouds started talking and it began to rain. We sought shelter in our cabana and decided to order some food. My husband and I love to eat conch fritters whenever we’re in the Caribbean so we were excited to order them at Royal Palms. Unfortunately, they were a true let down. They were such a disappointment that moving forward I’ll only order them if I’m in the Bahamas. They were all fritters and no conch. Seriously, what’s the point of having conch fritters without the actual conch? If you're ever at Royal Palms don't order the conch fritters. You can thank me later.

Teyonce, Tyson, the hubby, and I had decided that we were going to rent jet ski’s. We had went on a trip to Miami back in July and were unable to so today was redemption. The price of the jet skis were $100 plus a deposit so it was a go. We were all hype and ready to go, but Teyonce needed to take a quick bathroom break so we waited for her to get back.  

Royal Palm's Watersports Prices

Royal Palm's Watersports Prices

Teyonce’s decision to use the bathroom saved our lives. Minutes after she got back from the bathroom it started raining again. However, this was no ordinary rain. This rain was so bad that it felt like it marked the flood back in Noah’s day. Once again we all huddled in the cabana but it was no help against the wind and rain. Soon enough, we started to see random umbrella’s flying around the property, and we knew that we had to move. By that time everyone had left the beach and most people were huddled under the bar area’s canopies and by the bathrooms. The heavy rain continued to taunt us as we ended up finding a space under the awning of the bathroom. We stayed there for about 10 minutes until we realized that our best bet would be to head back to the ship. Puddles started to turn into flood waters, and at that point I knew that my beach day was a WRAP. We made our way back to to the port to wait for tendering.While we waited for tendering it stopped raining so it was safe for me to get a few shots of people waiting to be tendered. 

Thankfully, when we got back on the boat the nice crew of the Carnival Breeze were waiting with warm towels. This was a nice gesture since many of the guests were soaking wet from the torrential rains. Instead of sulking over the rain ,my group decided to hit the waterslides and enjoy the rest of our day. I definitely need a re-do of Grand Cayman, since my day got rained out, but I made the best of it. Once again, Tyson was able to capture our Grand Cayman day so go see it from this perspective below.

Experiencing Dunn's River Falls & The Blue Hole

Someone cue up the Damian Marley! Jamaica has been on my bucket list for years so I was stoked when my cruise ship docked in Falmouth, Jamaica. Out of all the port days that I had researched, planning for Jamaica was the most stressful, but ended up being the most adventurous!  I apologize in advance for the long post, but by know you all should know that in order to “See the World through Shasha” you need to know all the facts! My friend Tyson brought a Go-Pro for our vacation and he did an awesome job capturing my group’s day. Thanks Tyson!

This video really provides a great visual and embodies the feel of my day in Jamaica, but keep reading so I can really break it down for you.

Dunn's River Falls

Many people might argue that Dunn’s River Falls is pretty touristy. I can agree to a certain extent (they try to sell you a video and photographs) but the experience was awesome, and unlike anything I've ever done before. I loved climbing up the falls and at times it was challenging. Our guide was awesome, and he even helped me when I lost my footing.  Dunn’s River Falls is a must do, and it’s difficult to capture the true beauty of the falls in photographs. It was one of the highlights of my Jamaica day.

The Blue Hole

This tour is off the beaten path, and is as genuine as it gets if you want a real Jamaican experience. Since, my group was pressed for time due to our operator; we didn’t get to jump off all the cliffs at the Blue Hole. Our tour guide Dillon was amazing and made our safety his priority. This tour is not for the faint of heart, and if you have any health problems I do not recommend it. If you’re claustrophobic I strongly advise that you do not climb into the caves as my husband said it was scary! He also came out with a really bad cut, so be careful! The Blue Hole tour was exhausting, and even if you’re a good swimmer just go ahead and get a life jacket because it’s just that serious. Can you believe that I jumped off of that cliff in the video?  I even got my Jane of the Jungle swag on by swinging on the rope swing. If you’re really feeling like Drake, and all about YOLO life then go ahead and take the 50ft. cliff jump. I have no idea what got into me but I did it. Over the past year, I’ve been an advocate for facing fears head on, and I am so proud that I took that jump. I screamed the entire way down, but I felt like a boss after I landed in the water. 

Booking an Excursion, through a Private Tour Operator

From this point onward, I need to reiterate that the opinions on my blog are simply my own, and your experience might differ from mine. I wanted to get an intimate experience for my group of 6 so I felt that one of the big bus cruise ship excursions wouldn’t give me the experience that I was looking for. I spent much time on TripAdvisor perusing through reviews of good tour providers and trimmed my list down to three. I knew that I was taking the risk of getting to port late by booking a private tour, but every company I reached out to guaranteed that they would have us back in time.  

My one regret of my Jamaica tour is choosing the operator that I did. Although, he was highly rated  , I should’ve chosen someone who had proved early on that their customer service was a priority. I had previously joined a Facebook Meet and Greet for this cruise and many others had chosen this provider so I decided to go for it.  After all the ship couldn’t leave all of us? Right?

From this point onward, I need to reiterate that the opinions on my blog are simply my own, and your experience might differ from mine.

I ended up booking a tour that included transportation to Dunn’s River Falls, the Blue Hole, and lunch at Scotchie’s with Peat Taylor tours. We had no problems locating them at the port, and our guide Vincent was very knowledgeable. He explained where would meet after the excursions and how things would work. As we traveled in the van he provided a ton of commentary about Jamaica’s history, economy, and tourism industry. My main gripe later in the day, was that we did not have time for lunch, and our guide made no mention of this. Also, there were people on the bus going to different locations, so we had to take time to drop them off and pick them up. I think this greatly impacted the tour time and our ability to stop for lunch, and to arrive back at our promised time of 4pm. Since my ship docked in Falmouth the ride from Ochos Rios back to the port was over an hour. Please keep this in mind if you book a non-cruise ship excursion. My group didn’t miss the boat by any means, but we didn’t get back to Falmouth until 4:20 when we had a scheduled onboard time of 4:30. By the time we got back to the port it was a ghost town, with only a few straggler passengers walking around. Granted, I know Jamaicans run on CP time, but we cut it a little too close for comfort.  I’m not saying that you shouldn’t book a private tour, but our guide was visibly nervous our entire ride back and made no apology when we arrived back to the port. Nonetheless it was a great day, and I'm not against private tours. I'll just choose differently next time. 

Falmouth, Jamaica

Falmouth, Jamaica

My day in Jamaica was great but I still have some unfinished business there. I still want to visit a Jerk Center and I want to check out their amazing beaches. Another trip is definitely in store! Have you been to Jamaica before? Drop a line in the comments and tell me about it.