How to Overcome the Post-Vacation Blues


Have you ever come home from a vacation feeling depressed? It's normal to find yourself in a funk after you return home from a trip. It's tough to say see you later to relaxion, good times, and fun destinations. 

Last November, I found myself in a horrible funk after returning home from a wonderful cruise vacation with family and friends. I had the time of my life during that cruise. I disembarked the ship with a ton of luggage and a barrage of emotions. I was extremely emotional and incredibly sad the week following my trip. I found myself sitting at work feeling irritable and unable to focus. Although I had came home with great memories, I had a tough time adjusting to my normal life and routine. 

After a week passed by, I slowly began to creep out of my sadness. I started to take small steps to change my attitude and eventually I felt better. But, it took time and effort. Can you relate to my experience? If so, then this post is for you. Check out the following seven tips that can help combat the post-vacation travel blues. 

1. Give Yourself Time to Adjust to Your Normal Routine.

It's perfectly normal to feel sad after returning home from an epic trip. It's important to anticipate that you might feel some sort of sadness or emotion upon coming home. Give yourself time to sort through your feelings. The end of a wonderful vacation can feel like a breakup. Your vacation might be over, but it doesn't mean that you won't find yourself on another one later. 

2. Take An Extra Day Off From Work. 

Whenever possible, I try to take time off from work on the day after I get back home. This has helped me tremendously. I think of this as my day of re-entry. It allows me to extend my vacation from a mental perspective. If you're unable to take an extra day off, then try your best to handle important responsibilities before you leave. I make an effort to clean my home and perform chores prior to departing. By doing so, I don't feel as overwhelmed when I get home. I can also get some needed rest after long travel days.

If this isn't feasible, than book flights that will allow you to get back home at a reasonable time. There's nothing worse than arriving back home late at night and having to drag yourself into work the next morning. Don't set yourself up for failure. 

3. Don't Expect Others to Understand

Your coworkers or friends might think that your post vacation emotions are selfish. Keep in mind that they're probably tired of seeing your Instagram Stories, Snapchats, and selfies. Don't allow a lack of empathy from others to diminish your feelings. You are human! Talk about your feelings to those that you can trust. I confide in my friends who travel frequently because they tend to relate to me more than my friends that don't travel as often. If your vacation was a group trip, then confide in those that came along. You may be surprised to learn that they probably share the same feelings as you.

4. Plan Another Vacation. 

"The best way to get over a vacation is to plan another one." I love planning my vacations well in advance because I feel like I always have something to look forward to. This not only keeps me motivated but allows me to have a positive outlook. Even if you can't set a date for a new vacation, start researching destinations of interest. 

5. Stay Busy.

I'm going to keep it real with you. Step 4 is easier said than done. You might have a very long stretch to endure before you can go on another vacation. However, that doesn't mean that there aren't other fun things to enjoy while passing the time. Are there any local adventures in your city that you can embark on? What about making it a goal to try one new restaurant per month? Have you ever gone on a stay-cation in your current city? What about planning a spa day?

Make an effort to break up the monotony. When I have long stretches in between vacations, I try to explore my city. Make a list of places of interest that you have not visited. Then start marking them off your list as you visit them.

6. Avoid Making Serious Decisions Immediately After Returning Home. 

There have been times when I've come home from vacation and felt like I needed to find a new job. Don't allow the post vacation blues to cloud your judgment. I believe that travel has an amazing ability to put life into perspective. This doesn't mean that you have to make swift decisions as soon as you get back. Once time passes, evaluate the situation and make changes as necessary. 

7. Seek Help When Needed. 

If weeks go by and the travel blues haven't subsided, then don't be afraid to seek help. This may be a sign that there are underlying factors that are contributing to your emotional well-being. Confide in a close family member or friend. Talk to your physician or medical professional if needed. 

Bonus Tip

Make an effort to watch, post, and share your vacation photos and videos when you return from your trip. There's nothing better than being able to relive the experience and gain perspective on all of the incredible moments. Instead of dwelling on how the vacation has ended, focus on what you learned from it. 


Do you have any tricks or tips that help with beating the post-vacation travel blues? You know the drill! Drop a line in the comments and let me know.