Eight Reasons Why You Need to Visit the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, Arizona

Music is a world within itself, within a language we all understand.
— Stevie Wonder

I love visiting museums. I have a passion for learning about other cultures, and their history. I've visited many amazing museums in the US, but I had never been to a museum that was dedicated to showcasing the correlation between cultures and music from around the world.

The Musical Instrument Museum is one of the best museums that I've ever visited. Check out the eight reasons below explaining why you need to plan a visit.


1. Plug Up. Each guest is provided with an individual headset. Simply walk up to a display and you'll hear music. This is great because you can pick and choose exhibits of interest. 


2. Take a Musical Journey Around the World in Just One Day. If you love learning about other cultures and music then this is the museum for you. The Musical Instrument Museum is the World's only global musical instrument Museum. Not only do you get see and hear instruments from all over the world, but you get to learn more about their role in the countries they belong to. Music from every nation on earth is represented at this museum. 


3. Hip Hop and You Don't Stop. Are you a hip hop fan? I lost my mind when I came across the hip hop exhibit at this museum. I was so excited to see how the museum presented the birth of hip hop in the United States. This was one of my favorite displays.

4. See Instruments from Some of Your Favorite Artists. Loaned musical instruments from top artists like Johnny Cash, Maroon 5, Carlos Santana and more are on exhibit. 


5. Take a Visit to Your Favorite Countries. I was ecstatic to learn more about the music from some of my favorite countries. I had a full out dance session when I made it over to the Caribbean and heard music from some of my favorite Islands including Jamaica and the Bahamas.


6. Take a Step Back in Time. If you love learning about synthesizers and audio recordings then check out the exhibit that details recording techniques. You might be surprised by what you find. 

7. Get Cultural. I was able to listen to music from countries that I can only dream about visiting. It was also fascinating to see traditional clothing and dances represented as well. 


8. Have a Jam Session. Not only do you get to learn about music from all over the world but you get to play it! I had no idea that I could play the guitar so well until I came to this museum. Just kidding! Now granted, I was one of the few adults that was going crazy on the instruments in this area, but you already know that I'm a big kid.

The Musical Instrument Museum needs to be added to your list of fun things to do in Phoenix. Are you convinced yet? Get a glimpse of some of the fun you can have in the video above. 

***Disclosure*** I received complimentary admission in exchange for this review. However, you know I keep it real when it comes to finding fun things to do!