The King of Donuts: Krispy Kreme

The red light is on! If you’re a fan of Krispy Kreme you know exactly what I’m talking about. Have you ever made a quick u-turn when you've seen the red light glowing in all it's glory? I know I have. My love for Krispy Kreme is so strong that I avoid other donut shops like the plague. Dallas is flooded with many mom and pop donut shops that simply say “Donuts” on the signage. When I have patronized these shops I'm left with a troubled conscience. I end up feeling like my patronage is an act of disloyalty against my beloved Krispy Kreme. Now, I'm not saying that mom and pop donut shops are bad. From what I've been told there are some really good ones here in Dallas. If you know of one feel free to shout it out in the comments and I'll be happy to give it a try. 

Hot off the Press

Hot off the Press

Last year Krispy Kreme hit the Dallas Market and I was ecstatic.  I’ve had many debates with friends and coworkers who think that Krispy Kreme is just average. I don’t understand what could be average about a piping hot Krispy Kreme glazed donut?  

Whenever, I take my first bite into a Krispy Kreme I feel like a need a moment of silence to fully enjoy the experience. I have yet to have a comparable experience with another donut. 

On a recent trip, back to my hometown I had the opportunity to grab a Krispy Kreme donut fresh off the conveyor belt. I need to go ahead and download the hot light app, so I can step my donut game up for 2016. For me, no other donut comes close to the joy I experience from Krispy Kreme. Plus, the free hats and the opportunity to see production process is a nice treat. 

Are you a Krispy Kreme fan? Is there a mom and pop shop in Dallas that you think I need to give a try?  Drop a line in the comments and let me know.