Hutchins BBQ James Beard Dinner

Last night, I had the pleasure of attending Hutchins BBQ James Beard Dinner. Hutchins BBQ is heading to New York next month to cook at the James Beard House, which is kinda like a big deal! Luckily for me, they decided to give Dallas locals a chance to try the menu before it goes on the road.


Over the past few years I've tried an array of BBQ joints around the Metroplex. I've found that everyone has their own opinion of who has the best BBQ. Interestingly, Hutchins BBQ has constantly been a topic of these conversations. Many of my fellow McKinney friends swear by it. Hutchins had been on my bbq must try list for quite some time but I never got around to it. Yesterday proved to be the perfect opportunity as they served a five course BBQ smack-down.

I'm going to keep my review short and sweet as I'm still recovering from my BBQ induced food coma. The James Beard Menu was not for the faint of heart:


Original Hutchins Beef- Pork Sausages

Pork Sausages with Jalapeno and Cheese


Texas Twinkies- Marbled brisket and cream cheese-stuffed jalapeno peepers with thick-cut bacon and sweet barbecue glaze


Pulled Pork Sandwiches with Vinegar Pork Sauce


Plated Dinner

Slow-smoked prime brisket with broccoli salad


Slow-smoked St. Louis style-spareribs with Hutchins bacon macaroni and cheese


Turkey breast with turkey au jus-butter sauce and burnt end pinto beans


Brisket burnt ends with chile cornbread

Hutchins family peach cobbler


I'm still struggling to find the right words to describe how epic this menu was. I loved EVERYTHING. All the meats were tender, well seasoned, and smoked to perfection. I have found that many barbecue restaurants are great at cooking meats but have underwhelming sides. This was not the case at all with Hutchins. I loved the bacon macaroni and cheese, and the broccoli salad was another one of my favorites. I could go on and on about how fantastic the pork sliders were, and how I closed my eyes when I ate the Hutchins family peach cobbler. 

There were also a variety of wine, spirits, beers, and cocktails served with each course. This lovely Southern Mint Julep Cocktail was delightful.


Hutchins has stolen a piece of my heart and last night was an experience that many Foodies dream about. Are you a fan of Hutchins BBQ? What's your favorite item on their menu? For more information about the James Beard Foundation go here.