Hello There!

This picture embodies exactly what this blog is about. Life. Fun. Excitement. Are you ready for the ride? This blog will be filled with my fun travel adventures, tips, and reviews, and other aspects of my busy everyday life.

Next week marks a HUGE week as I embark on a new cruise adventure to the Bahamas! That’s right, you read the last sentence correctly, The Bahamas! How exciting is that? Beautiful beaches, beer, sunshine, and fried goodness in the form of conch? All of those components build a recipe for an epic vacation.

I will be traveling with my dear husband (who is probably somewhere doing push ups as I type) and 14 additional family members aboard the Carnival Fantasy. As a kid I sailed on the Carnival Inspiration and had a blast. However, as an adult I am hoping that I will find cruising to still be enjoyable. As we get older our tastes and preferences change, so I am a little nervous about cruising.

For those of you that have cruised before did you enjoy it? Would you cruise again? If not, why? Feel free to drop a line in the comments section.