Exploring the Grand Canyon South Rim with Detours of Arizona



The Grand Canyon has been on my travel to-do list for quite some time. While planning my getaway to Phoenix and Scottsdale I realized that I could potentially check the Grand Canyon off of my do-list. However, none of my options to get there seemed feasible.

My husband and I thought about renting a car from the airport and making the 3.5 hour trek from our hotel in Scottsdale to the Grand Canyon. I discovered that this wouldn't be the best option. We would have to spend at least 7 hours driving, including the return trip back to Scottsdale within the same day. I started to research tour companies that would do a hotel pick up from Scottsdale but nothing really caught my eye. I slowly began to question if I'd even be able to visit the Grand Canyon. 

One day while perusing TripAdvisor, I stumbled upon Detours of Arizona I was really impressed by their great reviews. The tour included pick up from our hotel in Scottsdale, lunch, unlimited bottled water, park entrance fees, and taxes to the Grand Canyon. After a quick phone call my husband and I were both booked on the Grand Canyon Tour!

Service and Timing

On the night before our tour, we received a call from Detours confirming our 6:30 a.m. hotel pick up time. Keep in mind that Detours of Arizona also does pick-ups for most Phoenix, Tempe, and Mesa hotels so your pick up time may vary. The next day we waited in the lobby of our hotel for our driver. At 6:27 am we were kindly greeted by our driver/guide Mac. Mac is the man! During the tour he answered any question that you could think of pertaining to Arizona, Native American Culture, and our tour schedule. He even provided great commentary throughout the day about Arizona's unique history. 

our chariot for the day!

our chariot for the day!


I was very impressed with our custom tour vehicle. The bus was plush! The seats were extremely spacious and comfortable. The bus could accommodate 13 passengers but there were only 10 of us on the tour. One of my favorite things about the tour was not having to drive! After a long day of touring it was nice to be able to get some needed rest on the way back to Phoenix. It felt so great to be able to admire the beautiful scenery from the over-sized windows. I also liked how the van had plenty of chargers available to keep my phone charged for the long day. Did I also mention that the individual leather captain chairs are perfect for napping? Score!

Nap time!

Nap time!

 During our tour we even stopped to take a photo with a 200 year old Sonoran Cactus which was really awesome!


There was an adequate amount of stops on the tour that accounted for restroom breaks. Before we arrived in Sedona, we were given a sheet to fill out for our lunch orders. 


The lunch provided on this tour was the bomb.com! Before we arrived at our Sedona stop, Mac passed around a sheet where we made our lunch selections. Detours has partnered with a local baker in Sedona that makes yummy sandwiches on freshly baked bread.



Your sandwich also comes with a bag of chips and choice of drink. I'll warn you beforehand that the sandwiches are huge and taste fantastic. We received our lunches at 10:00 am when we departed from Sedona. I decided to eat a little bit of my lunch as we headed towards the Grand Canyon and finished it on the way back home. Don't worry eating is allowed on the bus and you can even bring snacks on board. 

Tour Stops

Aside from going to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon the tour also included the following stops:

  • Sedona Red Rocks
  • Grand Canyon South Rim Panaromas South Rim Grand Canyon
  • Navajo Culture and Trading Post
  • Historic Lodges

Although, our tour day was long it didn't feel that way. During the tour stops you are able to explore on your own and you have specific times to meet back up with the group. The South Rim side of the park is expansive, so it was great that our guide knew where the best sightseeing spots were. The views of the Grand Canyon were breathtaking. 


Travel Time

We arrived back to our hotel at 7:30 pm as promised. If you're interested in doing a shorter tour, Detours of Arizona has many options available. Although, the tour schedule is packed I didn't feel like the day was rushed.  


The Grand Canyon South Rim Tour costs $170 per person. This a great value considering the transportation, lunch, park entrance fees, and multiple stops. After all, you are visiting one of the seven wonders of the world! If you really want to experience the Grand Canyon like a boss you can add a helicopter upgrade to your tour. 


**Disclaimer*** I received two complimentary tickets for the Grand Canyon South Rim Tour. Don't worry. You know I've got your back. As always, all opinions expressed are my own and I would never steer you wrong.