Poke' Perfection at Fish Bowl Poke' Frisco, TX

I've started to notice that poke' is causing quite the commotion in Dallas and on Instagram.

Delicious Poke' bowls 

Delicious Poke' bowls 

I have to admit, I was very skeptical about this "poke craze." I'm not a fan of raw fish, and I try my best to avoid it. Whenever I eat sushi, I opt for California rolls or baked salmon rolls. If you put a plate of raw tuna in my face, I'll probably roll my eyes. 

The perfect opportunity for me to try poke' arose and I was a little skeptical. The thought of eating raw salmon or tuna made me squirm, and I even searched Google to see if there were any health risks (don't judge me). Despite my fears, I headed on over to Fish Bowl Poke' with two of my family members to check out the new restaurant. 


I really liked the restaurant's open dining concept and kiosk ordering. You're able to select your poke', base, proteins, marinade, toppings and aioli. I was shocked by the amount of items that I could add to my bowl.


I didn't play it safe and went with tuna, salmon, sushi rice and crab meat. I also added a plethora of veggies and toppings. 

Greens Please! 

Greens Please! 

Isn't this bowl gorgeous? 

Isn't this bowl gorgeous? 

The Verdict

I don't use this term often, but this bowl was life-changing!  It's best described as a sushi bowl. The tuna and salmon were tender yet flavorful, the sushi rice was fluffy, and all of the ingredients complimented each other perfectly. I couldn't stop drizzling my bowl in eel sauce. Fish Bowl Poke' has made me a believer when it comes to eating raw fish. I really enjoyed it! 


My nephew is 11 and cleaned his shrimp bowl. I was shocked because he's an extremely picky eater. He kept it simple with just shrimp, rice, eel sauce and tempura flakes. This is a great option for kids. 

Overall Thoughts

I'm so happy that Fish Bowl Poke' is in my neighborhood. This restaurant is going to be in my regular rotation. Don't skimp on the toppings and make sure you try the tempura flakes. They added the perfect crunch to my bowl. Next time, I'm going to try the spicy tuna. Have you ever tried poke? What's your favorite combination? 


**Disclosure** My meal was complimentary but Fish Bowl Poke is the bomb.com! Don't forget to check out their grand opening celebration on June 24! 

Fish Bowl Frisco 2330 Preston Road Suite 300 Frisco, TX 75034