Cooking with the Home Chef Meal Delivery Kit

Last month you may remember my review of the Blue Apron meal delivery kit. Since I'm always interested in comparing products I wanted to give Home Chef a try. Home Chef is very similar to Blue Apron in that you receive weekly recipes and ingredients delivered straight to your doorstep. Get the scoop on my Home Chef experience below.

Meal Selections

Home Chef provides 10 dinner options and a breakfast option. I had a difficult time deciding on which recipes I wanted to try. I really wanted to make their Chicken Marsala but I couldn't pass up on the Caribbean Jerk Steak. After quite a bit of deliberation I chose the following meals: Caribbean Jerk Steak, Shrimp with Tiger Sauce, and Cinnamon-Sugar Pork Chops. You can also choose from low carb, gluten free, and vegan options.

There are also no contracts associated with Home Chef and you always have the option to skip a delivery, edit your orders, or cancel at anytime. 



I liked how the items for each meal were packaged together and clearly labeled. Waste was kept to a minimum and all of the packaging was recyclable. Items were placed into an insulated recyclable bag. 

Recipe Cards


I loved how the recipes were not only easy to follow with lots of helpful pictures, but they also came hole punched with a binder. Each meal also indicates the level of difficulty so you can cook with confidence. 

Meal #1 Shrimp with Tiger Sauce Score:  3.5 out of 5


This was a solid meal. The tiger sauce was pretty tasty and the shrimp were fresh. Overall, it wasn't a life changing meal but turned out great. I probably wouldn't put it in my monthly rotation but it was enjoyable. 

Meal #2 Caribbean Jerk Steak Score 5 out of 5

This meal was life changing! This was my first time preparing jasmine rice with coconut milk, and I refuse to prepare it any other way. The rice was incredibly fluffy and flavorful. I was a little skeptical that the steaks wouldn't be tender but they were. I was very impressed with the quality and tenderness of the beef. I'm a huge lover of jerk, and the jerk sauce didn't disappoint. I tend to prefer jerk sauces that are on the sweeter side and this one was. This meal is going to go in my monthly rotation. 

Meal #3 Cinnamon-Sugar Porkchops Score 5 out of 5


This meal was insanely delicious. The cinnamon-sugar glaze on the porkchops was delightul and the stuffing was the perfect accessory. The apples added a nice hint of sweetness to the stuffing. This is another dish that I'm looking forward to cooking again. Unfortunately, my green beans didn't survive in my fridge so I swapped them out for broccoli. I didn't have any other issues with produce in my delivery. 


All Home Chef meals are $9.99 per serving. Shipping is $10 for meals under $45 and premium dishes are sold at market price. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, I was very excited about Home Chef. All of the meals were easy to prepare and turned out well. My only negative is that I did not have enough food available for leftovers which is important to my husband and I. However, I will order from Home Chef again in order to have some variety to dining at home. I'd definitely love to use it for meals on the weekends when my husband and I don't need leftovers to bring to lunch.

Have you ever tried Home Chef or any other meal delivery services? If so what did you think?

***Disclosure*** I received a complimentary meal box in exchange for my review. However, I was very pleased with my experience.