Cabo Sailing: The Best Luxury Two-Hour Sunset Cruise in Cabo

I love being out on the water.  There's nothing more peaceful to me then hearing the crash of waves and the melodic sounds of the ocean. I've always wanted to do a sunset cruise, and the perfect opportunity presented itself during my trip to Cabo. I was so excited when I discovered Cabo Sailing and the experiences they offer. 

After speaking with Omar online, my hubby and I were booked for a two-hour sunset sailing cruise aboard the Synergy. My sailing dreams were finally about to come true! We took a $30 taxi ride from our hotel in Los Cabos and arrived at the Marina. If you need transportation to the marina they can arrange it for you through a private third party. 


We arrived at the marina a little early and had about 15 minutes to kill before our cruise. The Puerto Paraiso mall is right next to the marina where there's a fun spot for touristy photos like this one. 


After taking a few photos we walked over to our dock and were escorted to our boat. Captain Adrian introduced us to the team and gave us a rundown on safety rules and what we could expect. We decided to sit in an intimate spot on the back of the boat that provided great views. 

We pulled out of the marina and he pointed out local landmarks while the staff served us drinks and snacks. Did I mention that all Cabo Sailing tours include a free unlimited bar? Score! We are also given plenty of snacks to enjoy. 

Photo credit: Ricardo Rosales

Photo credit: Ricardo Rosales

As we rode out of the marina, I noticed other large boats that were filled to the max with passengers. I really loved how intimate our yacht was, as there were only 11 other guests on board. Our vessel the Synergy, only allows 15 guests max which keeps the experience intimate. The crew was very attentive and constantly asked if we wanted more drinks and snacks.


There was even a photographer onboard Richie, who took pictures of us during the cruise. Music played through the speakers and my husband and I agreed that this cruise was probably one of the most relaxing and romantic experiences we've had together. 

Photo credit: Ricardo Rosales

Photo credit: Ricardo Rosales

I was extremely excited when we pulled out of the marina and out in the open water. We saw so many landmarks on our cruise including Lovers Beach, Divorce Beach, and the famous Cabo arches. 

Divorce Beach

Divorce Beach

Cabo Sailing offers other tours included whale watching, scuba diving, and even snorkeling. If you're visiting Cabo from a cruise ship, there are special tours for cruise ship passengers. 

One of my favorite parts of the tour was when the crew lifted up the sails. I couldn't believe that we were sailing and moving pretty quickly! The crew then brought us more snacks to enjoy as we watched the sunset. 


During the cruise, guests are allowed to walk around as long as you follow all of the safety instructions. I finally mustered up enough courage to take a picture at the front of our boat. 

Smiling but Shaky! (photo credit: Ricardo Rosales)

Smiling but Shaky! (photo credit: Ricardo Rosales)

I honestly didn't want our cruise to end when we pulled back into the marina around 8 pm. After the cruise, Richie presented us with a CD of all the pictures he took of us during the cruise. There was no cost for the photos but we willingly gave him a tip for his efforts and great photos. 


My sailing experience with Cabo Sailing was  phenonemanal and I wouldn't hesitate to book this tour again. The shared yacht sunset cruise will run you about $74 per person but its more than worth the price. You can also save 15% by booking online.

Special thanks to Captain Adrian and the rest of the Synergy crew that took great care of us. If you're ever in Cabo don't hesitate to book a cruise with Cabo Sailing and let them know I sent you. 


Have you ever been on a sailboat or a sunset cruise? Let me know in the comments below! 


***Disclosure*** My tour was complimentary in exchange for my review. However, this tour is absolutely amazing and well worth the cost. All opinions expressed are my own.