An Honest Review of the Blue Apron Meal Delivery Kit

I hate going grocery shopping. Whats even more ironic, is that I always end up making multiple runs to the grocery store every week. Now that cooler temperatures have arrived, I've tried to smarten up when it comes to meal planning. Since my husband and I are currently saving money for a house, we've cut back on eating out and are more conscious about our spending. I recently saw a commercial for Blue Apron and was intrigued by the concept. 


Blue Apron delivers step-by-step recipes with pre-portioned ingredients straight to your doorstep. Ingredients are sourced directly from farms which means that your dinner will be as fresh as ever. You receive everything you'll need to cook recipes including knick knacks like butter, flour, etc. The only items I needed to use from home were salt, pepper, water, and olive oil. Recipes change on a weekly basis so you can go online and choose which recipes you'd like delivered. Shipping is always free which is another nice perk. 



Once your order is delivered, you don't have to worry about rushing home to put all the items in your fridge. Items are packed in an insulated bag, so they will stay chilled until you arrive home. I had no issues at all with freshness or delivery.



I was only cooking for two, so I chose the 2-person plan that includes 3 meals per week at $9.99 a meal/or $59.94/box. My box included recipes for three meals of choice; Spicy Shrimp Bucatini Pasta, Harissa Chicken Skewers, and Sauteed Beef and Potato Latkes. Due to my clumsiness, I cut my finger on my box grater while preparing the potato latkes. Unfortunately, I don't have a review of that recipe but it was very easy to follow.  However, I was extremely pleased with the other two recipes I prepared. 

Harissa Chicken Skewers


This meal was amazing. I was very skeptical of the wheat salad during preparation, but it turned out fabulous. The wheat salad was flavorful, and the persimmon provided the perfect hint of sweetness. The chicken also came out great and I loved the yogurt dipping sauce. This is a meal that I would love to put in my monthly rotation. I have to admit that Blue Apron has taken me out of my comfort zone by experimenting with ingredients that I don't traditionally use. I've never been a big fan of kale but I loved how it tasted in both of the recipes. 

Kale Please!

Kale Please!

Spicy Shrimp Bucatini Pasta


My husband loved this dish and requested that we eat it on a regular basis. I typically cook pasta with cream or tomato sauces, so this lemon sauce was a nice change. The prep time was also fast and it took me about 15 minutes to prep everything. I was very pleased with the outcome.


We had plenty of leftovers of the pasta. Unfortunately, we didn't have any leftovers for the Harissa Chicken Skewers. I'd definitely say that if you want to ensure that you'll have leftovers, you'll need to bump up to the 4 person plan if you're cooking for a family of two. 

Overall Thoughts

I was extremely pleased with my recipes from Blue Apron. Shipping was fast and I liked the quality of my meals. The only reason that I wouldn't subscribe would be due to the amount of leftovers since my husband and I tend to take leftovers for lunch. However, if you're not big on leftovers than this is no biggie. I was happy with my selections, but do wish that I had a few more items to choose from. Overall, I really loved the convenience associated with Blue Apron and cooking unique recipes that I would've never tried. It was so wonderful to not have to worry about going to the grocery store while knowing that I'd be making a delicious dinner. 

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Have you tried Blue Apron before? If so, what are your thoughts. 

***Disclosure*** I received my Blue Apron box free of charge in exchange for this review. Don't worry, you should definitely give it a try.