Traveling with AAACK Packs

Disclosure ***This post is sponsored by AAACK Packs, all opinions are my own.***

The next two weeks will be very busy for me. Later this week, I'm heading to Virginia for my best friends wedding, and I'll be traveling to Cabo the week after. Did I also mention that I won't be taking any time off from work between my trips? In other words, I won't much time to purchase toiletries or travel supplies. 

Edited AAACK Pack Flat Lay.jpg

Thankfully, AAACK Packs has my back. I learned about AAACK packs while attending the Dallas Travel and Adventure Show and I was really impressed with their packs. Instead of going to the store to purchase travel sized toiletries, you can simply purchase customizable travel pack from AAACK packs and have them mailed to your home. They also make great gifts! 

Edited AAACK Pack Items in the sack.jpg

I really like that you have the control to add or remove items from your pack. Some of my favorite packs are the beach pack, and executive travel pack. I chose to customize the executive travel pack, since it has many essential items that I don't travel without. I also added and removed a few items to customize my bag. You can also start from scratch, and purchase a build your own travel pack with items that you like. 


AAACK Packs has tons of items that you can add to your pack. I chose to add items to my pack that I often forget to pack but come in handy such as a Tide pen, band aids, wrinkle release, a sleep mask, and Airborne. 


My favorite thing about my AAACK pack was the modular, zipper case that stores the products. It's light and doesn't take too much space in my carry on. The shape is great, and I also like that it won't crush the items inside. Once you receive your pack simply attach it by zipping both sizes of the pack together, then place your items inside and you're all done! 


I'm really excited to take my pack along on my trip this week. I'm thinking about purchasing additional packs to my set. You can also purchase refill items for your pack at on their website. 

Have you ever tried traveling with AAACK packs? What items would you add to your pack?